A week ago today I had the procedure which exposed the titanium implants. It was a simple process and didn’t involve much cutting of tissue. After the implants were exposed the doctor screwed in some round gadgets which I assumed the denture was going to be attached to. Not to be, these gadgets are called healing abutments. Their purpose is to prevent the gum from recovering the implants as the gum heals.

 Today, 195 days after the extractions and placements of the implants, I went to Dr Huizinga for the next step in the process. He unscrewed the abutments and threw them away, and got out the final gadgets. I don’t know what they are made of, but they are expensive!!! These are screwed in and then tightened with a torque wrench. NO KIDDING. A tiny little wrench with a dial face on it and markings to determine the proper torque. The next step is to place disposable plastic discs over the posts to prevent the acrylic cement that comes later from adhering to the gums. The gadgets that are eventually to be embedded in the denture are then snapped onto the posts. The doctor then drills recesses in the denture where the gadgets are to be cemented in. Finally, a terrible tasting stuff is placed on the gadgets and the denture is put in my mouth and held firmly in place until the acrylic cement cures (five minutes). A few more adjustments and cleaning of excess acrylic from the dentures, and I was sent on my way. This is for sure –  the dentures won’t come loose without a lot of effort. I went out for lunch and chose something that would give the set up a good test. The test was more or less satisfactory. I have got some getting accustomed to these things, but I feel eventually I will be pleased with the outcome. Certainly better than partials with nothing to hook onto!!! Dec 13, 07, one year later, I will post an update on the final evaluation of the whole process.

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