This may be of no interest to my readers, but seeing it’s been a while since my last post, here goes.


I was scheduled today to have a balance evaluation as a step in trying to solve the vertigo problem. The evaluation took about  2 hours. I was told beforehand that it could take even 3 hours. The doctor quite early in the exam came up with an answer and decided that some of the testing was not necessary. His evaluation was that I had BPPV of the right ear.


After a few preliminaries and  reviewing my remarks on a list of questions I had to answer, the real testing began. I was fitted with a special head piece that transmitted signals to the doctor’s computer which registered my eye movements, as I was to follow moving dot without turning my head. I think I passed that part of the exam OK..


I was then asked to lie down on a table, still with the gadget on my head and turn my head to right side and left side, and finally backwards so that it tilted down below the edge of the table. That testing was able to cause me to experience the dizziness which was diagnosed as BPPV. I then had a series of test involving blowing warm air and cold air into my ears. That test caused some dizziness, as it was supposed to do, and I guess I did OK on it. Finally, I was given a hearing test. The hearing test determined that I have lost some hearing of the very high pitched sounds, but the doctor said if I seem to hear regular conversation OK, to disregard getting a hearing aid.


The good news is that the remedy for BPPV is quite simple and pretty effective. In fact, I could if I chose, try to make the correction myself. I am going to opt for the remedy involving a doctor conducting the maneuvers. The basic problem is that some very small crystals in my inner ear have become displaced. By tilting my head in several different positions, several times, the crystals can be made to tumble back where they belong, and no more BPPV. After the first treatment if vertigo should occur again, I can have the same treatment done, or even try to make the correction myself.


If you google BPPV, there will be a number of sites which describe the condition and the remedies. I won’t have my treatment until the lab sends a report to Feenstra, and then he asks me if I want to go ahead with the remedy. Of course my answer will be yes. I hope this doesn’t take as long as getting a working set of false teeth, which by the way I get the little posts put on tomorrow.


  1. Aunt Barbara said,

    June 21, 2007 at 1:53 am

    Hooray on both counts: that the diagnosis and treatment of the vertigo is not difficult and that you finally have gotten the little posts six months later. See you tomorrow!

  2. Barbara said,

    June 21, 2007 at 1:54 am

    Well, not “Aunt” to you 🙂

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