Today’s experience has occurred once before at the Kent County Airport, and chronicled in this blog. The fact that it recurred must say something about yours truly.


My very large and getting dirty comforter was in need of a laundering, and it couldn’t be done in the facilities I have here. So I took it to a Laundromat  in my old neighborhood. I have used it before, but quite a while ago. As I walked in the door I asked the lady who runs the place where I should be doing this. She asked my to hand the comforter to her so she could determine its heft. “You better do it over here”, she said and took me over to a washer that was going to cost me $3.50 for one wash. I reached into my wallet and pulled out four dollars and asked for change for one of them. I thought she would go to her cash register and exchange my dollar for four quarters. Instead she grabbed my four dollars and went over to a machine and started stuffing the bills in it. I told her I could do that and she said OK and gave me back the remaining ones. The first try the machine ejected the dollar, so I read the instruction and tried again, once more it was ejected. She said, “ you are putting it in the wrong way”. I replied, “ it says face up, and that is what I did”. “But you must turn it around even though it is face up”.


 That accomplished I got the laundry detergent out of my car and asked her how much  of this I should use. She recommended two caps full, and signaled for me to hand the jug to her. Together we stuffed the comforter into the washer, she added the two caps full and asked for my quarters and fed them into the machine.


I sat down with my book, “Mission Unaccomplised” and started reading, (Incidentally, if you can stand it, you might give it a try.) Once in a while I would look to see if the machine was still spinning, and when it finally stopped I asked her if the comforter was done. She looked over and said it was.


Together, once more, we pulled it out of the washer – no mean feat – and loaded it into a cart. She recommended an intermediate step, a pass through the extractor, before attempting to dry it in the dryers. When the extractor shut off the comforter came out much more easily than getting it in, and off we went to the dryer. She recommended one eight minute cycle on high  heat, and then two cycles on air.


After completing the drying I asked her if it was done and she said it was as good as it was going to get, and together we took it out of the dryer and laid it out on a table where she folded it nice and neatly for me.


Of course I thanked her profusely for all her help. Not sure if I should offer her a tip, but decided it might offend her. Any way I had my arms full of comforter as I was leaving and she said, “ God bless you”, and gave me a big hug, which I couldn’t reciprocate because my arms were occupied.

I am trying to figure this out. Was it because I seemed so helpless, because I needed help pushing that darned thing into the extractor, because of my calluses which cause me to limp when I walk sometimes, or is it just the OVER THE HILL SYNDROME!



  1. Bruce S. said,

    May 20, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    This has a bit of similarity to the airport story but it seems more to me to be reflecting your way with the ladies. Who needs pick-up lines when you walk with a limp like yours?

  2. setty said,

    May 21, 2007 at 1:22 pm

    Nothing to do with my ways with the women. There was quite a bit of Christian literature in the laudromat, and I think it might just be an expression of her Christianity, and it still could be related to being over the hill.

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