This week is “Disability Emphasis Week”. I don’t know if it is a National Week, or a week the CRC designates as Disability Emphasis Week. In any event our guest preacher today is the Director of Disability concerns of the CRC. As expected his sermon was in connection with his position and with the designation for this week. The director has a severely disabled daughter himself and his firsthand acquaintance with the situation makes him able to treat his subject thoughtfully and with compassion.


With that as an introduction, let me tell you about a fairly frequent happening at the Howling Moon, where I line dance. Jim, a bag boy at the Thrifty Acres Meijers on the corner of 28th and Kalamazoo – he really isn’t a boy, I judge his age somewhere in the forties – sometimes shows up at the club to dance with the rest of the gang. Jim is handicapped. I really don’t know the extent or the nature of his disability, but there is no doubt that he is disabled. He some times gets on the dance floor and attempts to do the dances, and he always gets on the floor when Lia is teaching a new dance. Usually he doesn’t stay on the floor for the full teach because, in trying the figures of the dance, he ends up bumping into people and generally is disruptive.


I asked the lady who collects the cover charge if Lia requires her to collect the five dollars that the rest of us have to pay. She replied that Lia says that to treat him differently would be sending a message to him that he is different, and she doesn’t want to do that. Upon reflection, I think that Lia is right on.


But there is more. This dance group is a bunch of very capable, more or less young, hot shot dancers, and as regards the female dancers not too bad looking either!! A number of them always go over to Jim and chat briefly with him to make him feel a part of the group, and some of the gals even bend over and give him a big hug while he is sitting at his table.


Line dancers are not all that bad!!! 


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  1. RubeRad said,

    April 30, 2007 at 6:52 pm

    Line dancers are not all that bad!!!

    It appears you’re right. I guess now I’m going to have to scotch the upcoming post I was planning, titled “Line dancers are all that bad!!!”

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