I have my favorites when it comes to sport announcers.  John Madden talks a lot, but for some reason I like him. I feel he really  knows the game. I don’t watch basketball so have no opinions about that sport. Except for those announcers whose morals need a little (lot ) work. When it comes to baseball I have always liked Ernje Harwell. Of course he is considered a local announcer, that is for a specific team (read Detroit). Of the world series announcers, I just can’t stand the announcer who was once one of the lousiest catcher and batter around. I am referring to Tim Mc Carver. He has a know it all attitude, and often doesn’t know it all.  Why isn’t he a manager, since he talks like he could do a better job than those who are managers. That gets me to golf. There are several announcers that I don’t cotton to. Probably the one I like the least is Lanny Wadkins. Lanny has an expression he uses over and over,  “no question”. He says it and then Gary Kock picks up on it and start saying the same thing. “Don’t give away the hole” is golf jargon used to apply to many of the putts tried .  What’s wrong with “it is a straight in putt”, is  that too patronizing of us dumb amateurs.?  Johnny Miller is, I think, considered one of the better commentators, mainly because he supposedly calls it like it is. Some how I don’t like him, maybe because he is a Mormon. Gary Mc Cord seems like a nice enough fellow, but I can’t stand his constant making jokes. He should limit his comments to golf, or become a standup comedian.   A new announcer has come onto the scene. I am referring to Nick Faldo. I think he does a fantastic job. He isn’t constantly talking and his remarks are appreciative of the golfer’s ability, and if he doesn’t know which way a putt is going to break he comes right out and says so. He also allows the person, in this case a lady, who shares announcing chores with him. to voice her opinions and doesn’t hog the mike. He is really refreshing for my money, and I like the limey accent. Today, when announcing the Masters he used a tennis phrase that has no place in golf.    “Unforced error”. Who is doing the forcing when playing golf? Is it some type of telepathy that the other player sends his/her way? Are the golf gods creating forced errors and when a person just plain blows it, that is what constitutes an unforced error. Well, I’ll give him one, but he better watch his step!!!



  1. Bruce S. said,

    April 6, 2007 at 4:42 pm

    I heard him say the unforced error line last night and I immediately thought of you. I agree with you. I do like Faldo. Faldo actually said that, I think it was Toms on 18, that he had a straight putt. One announcer who shows up at every big CBS sports show is pretty boy Jim Nance. I can do without him. My favorite golf announcer by far is Judy Rankin. I hope she fights off her cancer and hangs around with microphone in hand for a long time.

  2. setty said,

    April 7, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly with the Judy Rankin assesment. I particularly liked her when she was by that one hole in the Arizona tournament where a rowdy crowd of watchers cheer each tee shot. She went up among the throng and got their remarks. Am I right? she is the sister of Raymond Floyd.

  3. setty said,

    April 7, 2007 at 4:47 pm

    I guess golf announcers come in two flavors, those who sit in a booth and more or less direct the action and the on the course commentators. My initial post was confusing in that it lumped the two together. Mc Cord is the on the course commentator type, as is Judy, and probably shouldn’t have been compared with Miller etal.
    Anyway golf, generally, has a good bunch of announcers/commentators. Bob Murphy, who was the subject of some research a while back, Andy North, the Dutch guy, Donna Capone, the other gal that recently joined one of the networks, etc.
    Don’t mind the fact that Curtis Strange seems to have given up his job.

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