Wednesday the 21st I had an appointment to have the implant that had come out some time ago replaced, and to have the implant on the right side of my mouth capped with some kind of devise that protects the gum and is one step closer to the final thing. Before beginning any of his work he said, “we better check that the implant is OK.”. He pressed down on it with some instrument and asked if I felt any pain. I guess from my flinching when he pressed he knew there was pain. “This one is no good either”, he said, “I will have to replace it, along with the left side”. So I basically had the same operation redone that was done more than three months ago. I am now going to have to wait another three months for the final steps that anchor the denture firmly in place.

And today I went to the other dentist to have the dentures relined to fit my receeded gums. When he looked in my mouth he became concerned that the material used for the impression – that had to be taken – would adhere to the sutures that were still exposed , and when the impression was removed would tear the sutures loose and cause more bleeding and maybe have to sew up the gum again, so back home I went with nothing accomplished. The relining won’t be done now until Cornie gets back mid April from his trip to Turkey. I wonder what my sins are that cause all these delays and problems?


Valerie Plame testified yesterday before a Congressional Committee. I happened to come across a video of her testimony that was posted on the internet.

 Some have said she had a simple desk job at the CIA, and her outing was inconsequential. Her testimony and affidavits made available to the committee certainly refutes the claim she had a simple desk job. She made trips to Middle Eastern countries in her effort to determine if Iraq had WMD. Those trips don’t represent a desk job. Anyway, all I can say after hearing and “seeing” her testimony is that if I were an Iraqi sheikh and she asked me about what I knew about progress being made by Iraq on acquiring nuclear capabilities, I would spill my gut to her. She could be a spy in a James Bond movie, no question!!


Several weeks ago the titanium post on my left side began to project out of my gum. I notified the surgeon who said no problem, just keep the area clean. As I continued to monitor the condition, I thought my gum must be receeding because more of the post was showing. I also thought that I detected it moving slightly. Finally, it became obvious that the post was moving up out of my jaw. With my tongue I finally was able to lift it out of the jaw. Read the rest of this entry »