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Bob Koorneef and I had breakfast this morning. As usual our discussions covered a lot of territory. Of course the death of former President Ford came up among a number of subjects.

Bob ran into the minister of Grace Episcopal Church some time ago and commented to him that he must be consumed with plans for the President’s soon to occur funeral. This minister said, “oh my no, we will have nothing to do with it. The secret service and the family of Ford have taken completely over and our church will be simply be the stage on which other people will put on this affair.”

 On another related side issue, the secret service paid a visit to GR and thought that Calvin Churches parking lot would be a good venue for over flow parking for the funeral service, and contracted with the church for the use of the lot. They will have shuttle service between our lot and Grace Church. Bob is worried that the secret service will so surround the place with their agents that the Calvin staff won’t even have use of their facility for that day.

By the way, we both agreed that Ford was a straight shooter and a not so common honest politician. Bob Woodward interviewed Ford on the subject of the Iraq war. Ford gave permission to release the contents of this interview after his death. Be sure to read them. 


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I have had a cold for the last several weeks, so skipped my volunteering until this Wednesday. As I entered the third floor, Joan, one of aids, stopped me and said I should tell you this before you get it from someone else, “Velma was found dead in her bed this morning”. What a surprise, she seemed to be in good health. The only medicine I saw the nurses giving her was a crushed up calcium pill.  Something every resident gets. Read the rest of this entry »