Grand Rapids and environs is a unique community. I am sure there are others like it, but it doesn’t represent the main stream of American cities. The idea for this post came to me the other evening while having my supper at the Panera restaurant. Panera doesn’t have waitresses or waiters, but I would think that eating establishments with food servers should give their staff a short course in common courtesy. I make reference to the frequent instances where families take a moment to bow their heads and say grace before their meal. It doesn’t promote the idea of prayer if the waitress is asking right in the middle of the prayer if, “is everything all right?”, or if during the brief prayer a the server is going around the table refilling coffee cups, etc. On the other hand, the family chaplain should not pray all the way around the world and back. Which could be a strategic problem the staff would face.

It was while eating at Panera’s that I observed a young couple join hands and bow their heads in silent prayer before digging into their food. This is a custom, and particularly with young couples, that I see quite often. It is with people like these that gives me some hope that this country isn’t going to the dogs!!!!


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