I am certainly no expert on the subject of flatulence.  I do know that certain food groups have a bad reputation for causing flatulence. I also have heard that rotten eggs smell like sulphur. Maybe the egg yoke is the cause for that.

Anyway could it be that Chavez’ tirade made during his speech to the UN was because George had a couple of omelets before his speech to the UN?


I had Bruce’s problem.  I wanted to make a comment on a Blogspot blog, and had to become a Blogspot blogger.  I guess because I didn’t keep track of my “name” and “password” when I made comments on other Blogspot sites. This time I am keeping track of my name and password, so it won’t happen again.  If you are interested it is dumbfounded1.


Al Gore must think, “what have I created?”. And, right now Neal must think, “why did you?”. Blogging is a little like the Amway merchandizing scheme. Blogs snowball so fast they become impossible to keep up with. Right now I have been trying to follow the Ruth Tucker stream and I just don’t have the time. (I am a slow reader besides). I got linked to a “jesuscreed” blog, which a few minutes ago had 55 comments, and many of the comments were from people with their own blogs, etc, etc. I wonder what all this may have to do with the final settlement of the issue. It is reported that Lieberman lost his campaign in the primaries because of the power of blogging on public opinion.

Now to Bruce, It wasn’t washing the car, or mowing the lawn, etc, but a statement by the lady herself, in her blog, about her and one of her feminist friends, which I take to imply that she is one also.

Barbara, the plant on the west side of the house is very prolific, so much so that I have to give them away. I follow big D’s recipe for most of those I eat. They seem to be quite acidic and very watery which I don’t like all that well. The topsy turvy plant has some ripe tomatoes now, but they are small and not very appetizing looking. Not worthy of a picture.


An article appeared in today’s GR Press that immediately grabbed my attention.

You can learn about it here:


Be sure and get to the bottom of a very long post, and link to her blog.  There you will find all kinds of other links that are extremely interesting.  The immediate impression I get is that this gal is something else, and can understand why she creates such controversy.  She doesn’t quite fit the mold of a seminary professor. 

I know Barbara and Tina will enjoy and want to read some of her books.


The other night I saw Jennifer Granholm (Michigan Governor) as she joined the announcers of the Tiger’s baseball game. What a nice and knowledgeable person. She is in a race for the governorship with Amway founders son, Dick De Vos. I was thinking of writing a blog about the two, actually I did, but it got too long and became too snide, so I gave it up and just recommend that you read these two Wikipedia posts.

Dick De Vos: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_DeVos

Jennifer Granholm: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Granholm

Please! who should I vote for?


Rev. Hozee has a new book coming out soon. It is the history of the CRC church as part of the celebration of the church’s 150 yrs history. The book chronicles the changes that have occurred over that span of time. When I read the present day Banner and compare it to Banners when we were first married that change is very evident. I remember when one of my golf playing partners was really upset when some of the teenagers attended church in jeans. Now most anything goes, even on the pulpit. There was a time when a solo or a choral group sang a hymn during the service, it was considered inappropriate to applaud the performance, now it is done all the time.

Today was my day to volunteer at Raybrook. One of my duties is to lead the devotions at mealtime. I give quite a bit of attention to this part of the morning. I have a book of Inspirational Thought written by Max Lucado, that I go thru, looking for a devotion that seems suited for the folks in the nursing wing. After deciding upon the essay, I plan a prayer that is supposed to tie in with the message, of course along with thanks for the provisions we residents receive, and the meal we are about to enjoy. Today after the AMEN, one of the CNA’s (certified nursing assistant) applauded my prayer. I don’t know quite how to take that!!! My instructions are to keep it short, and I do, so the applause couldn’t be that I finally quit. Any way this CNA is black, and maybe it is part of her heritage to applaud after the prayer. The CRC hasn’t quite reached that point.