You all know that Karen has moved to new quarters in Grandville.  Now when I take her out to lunch on alternate Sunday noons I have to find some new eating places.  If you aren’t aware, Grandville is a rather conservative community.  Near where Karen lives is Russes, Rainbow Grill, Grandvilla Restaurant, and each is closed on Sundays.  There are some MacDonalds, Arbeys, Pizza Huts etc. but few nice sit down restaurants.  One is Perkins which we tried today, and maybe next time will try Brann’s, that’s it.  It seemed that half of Granville chose Perkins after church today, but our wait was not too long and Karen seemed to really like the place, so it will probably be ours most of the time.

 Behind Karen was a booth of four dowager type ladies.  I would guess in my age bracket.  I must say there is no way I could have any romantic attachment to any of them.  They just don’t fill the bill.  The major problem is that it is not until the age  gets down around 60 or below that things look interesting.  The further problem is that then I don’t look interesting.  I guess I am doomed (and that ain’t bad) to bachelorhood!!!!


1 Comment

  1. Barbara said,

    August 28, 2006 at 12:01 am

    At least you get to escort a nice young woman around every other Sunday 🙂

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