It’a been about a month since my last post. I am including three pix. The upside down plant at first started growing up along the side of the earth bag.  It finally got heavy enuf to hang down as shown.  The control plant is doing better, but gets more sun so that could be the explanation.  It has four or five blossoms on it. The other plant is the neighbors which is really taking off.  It is a different type of tomato, so may be the explanation.  It has about the same number of blossoms as mine.  img_0601_edited.JPG     img_0602_edited.JPG     img_0603_edited.JPG


She made a strong comeback and for a while was just one shot behind the leaders.  Her two stroke penalty would have put her ahead, but she faltered in the end and the others surged ahead, so her two stroke penalty only mattered in money, and that is no problem for her. She was interviewed afterwards and asked about the penalty.  She said it was just a dumb mistake that comes from not concentrating as she should.  Then she went on to say that the poorly placed divot had no bearing upon her shot, and she should have left it alone.  She said probably her finnicky nature of trying to keep the course as clean and well groomed as possible may have caused her to do a better job of replacing a poorly tamped down divot. My question is, “how far away from the ball is it OK to pick up a leaf and throw it a way, or how far away can one tidy up the course by replacing a divot without getting a penalty?”  I wonder if the rules address that question.  What if her ball had been one inch away rather than a half an inch or whatever it was?  Poor Annika!!!


Annika had a mental relapse apparently.  She should know the rules.  It is reported that she attended a school teaching her all the rules of golf.  Anyway, her ball ended up next to a replaced divot and she walked up to the ball and lifted half of the replaced divot.  When she realized what she had done she replaced the divot just as it was.  Probably hoping for a little compassion from the judges, she asked for a ruling.  The ruling was a two stroke penalty.  Now get this, when she hit her ball it was just as it was and the divot beside it was just as it was before her slip.  The actual playing of golf was in no way affected by the circumstances that led to a two stroke penalty.  What has all this to do with golf?  Like I said b4, it is hard enuf just as it is without the additional rules.

If the game of golf is going to have rules like this one, maybe they ought to consider some more.  Finchen should rule that golfers can not play a round in a tournament unshaven.  Real beards will be acceptable, but if a player wants to develop a beard, he must not play in tournaments while he is growing his beard.  In a similar manner, no player can use snuff while playing in a tournament event.  Have you seen guys like VJ ham it up by going up to a kick in putt and putt it in with the toe of his putter.  There should be a rule that a club can not be used in a fashion that it was not intended for.  Similarly, if a player finds his ball next to a tree and the only way he can hit it is to take out his 9 iron, turn it upside down and hit the ball left handed – if he is a rt handed golfer- should be illegal.  In fact a player should be required to announce to the tournament officials whether he is going to play the round left or right handed, and then stick with that declaration for the rest of the round.  Oh, I know baseball allows switch hitting, but baseball also allows chewing tobacco and spitting and rearranging bodily parts in front of the spectators.  Baseball and golf are in different worlds. I doubt if Finchen controls this, but golf announcers should be prevented from saying, "unforced error".  That statement only applies to tennis and hos no place in the golf vocabulary.  Also, announcers, particularly Lanny Wadkins should only be allowed five "no question" statements per round.

By the way, I have started my post on War and Peace, and by the end of the next week, or at the latest in the following week it will be posted.  I hope it will stimulate some reflection on the critical issue of war and peace.


About midweek I got a call from Jennifer, asking me if I was taking Karen out for lunch Sunday.  I said no, it's not my turn.  Well, she invited me for lunch at their place, and said maybe you would like to attend church at our church, so you can see your son installed as deacon.  I knew his name was on the slate, but didn't know when the vote was, or the outcome.  Now I know.

Afterwards I told him this was going to eat into some of his free time.  He said it pretty much involved just one night a week.  I thought his further reply was very good.  He said this is something that should help me and must be for a purpose.

 I wish him my best.