We had an Indian engineer in out department.  He was a very gregarious type of fellow.  When he learned that the guys in our department were going out in the evenings and playing nine holes of golf after work, he asked if he could join us.  We said, "sure we would love to have you with us".

Dehru bought a set of clubs and I think went out a few times to a driving range to see if he could even hit the ball.  Finally, he felt he was ready and asked if the next time we went out he could come along. Now, it was an understanding that if the strokes got up to eight, we stopped counting, and usually just picked up our ball and waited for the rest to finish the hole.  NOT DEHRU.  He wanted to know his actual score so he could tell if he was making any progress.  We did have to inform him that if he swung at the ball and missed and squeezed his cheeks it was a stroke.  With that straightened out, off he went.  You might think he would slow down play, but that was not the case.  He usually rolled the ball straight down the fairway 75 to 100 yds, walked up to it and hit again. We hardly ever had to look for his ball.

Some golfers, mainly women, have little bead things they hang on their cart, and when they make a stroke they pull a bead down so as to keep track of their score.  Really a pretty good devise, and one many men could use!!!  Dehru need no such crutch. After walking off a green he could say with certainty, "I had an eleven".  But not only that, after walking off the ninth or maybe the eighteenth green, when we were adding up our cards, Dehru would announce I had an 83.

What is the point of all this?  Well, Roberto Di Vincenza, could have used this mental ability to his advantage.

To end this discussion about score keeping.  Here is a little gem.  A foursome was walking off a par three green when a ball rolled up on the green and stopped about six inches from the cup.  One of the fellows said, "let's make that guy's day", and kicked the ball into the cup.  They lingered on the next tee so they see the excitement when the players reached the green.  After looking around for some time one of the players looked in the hole and saw the ball.  He called out, "hey, Abbie your ball is in the hole".  Abbie shouted, "WOW I made a seven".



  1. Anthony said,

    May 16, 2006 at 4:39 am

    Dehru need no such crutch. After walking off a green he could say with certainty, “I had an eleven”.

    One the funnier things I’ve heard in a long time! LOL!

  2. Jennifer said,

    May 16, 2006 at 8:11 pm

    I thought I’d let you know about my new Blog. I think it will be easier to update everyone this way. Check it out!

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