Living in a small home requires innovation.  I have discovered this method of gardening on my covered patio. I am going to keep this post updated as my tomato plant progresses.  This is it after day one.day1_edited1.jpg


I am not sure how much of this is already known, but here is a run down.  I elected to take advantage of discounted series of Life Line Screenings.  They showed that my carotid arteries were not in real good shape. So my internal medicine physician recommended a more thorough ultra sound evaluation.  That came back with an even more gloomy report, so we went to the next step, a cat scan.  I recently got the results of the cat scan which said my left carotid artery was completely blocked and the right partially blocked. I just got back from an appointment with a vascular surgeon who evaluated the cat scan results and informed me that since I have not had any symptoms of problems because of the blockage that no operation was warranted. My brain has adapted itself to getting no blood from the left side and seems to be getting along quite well with just the blood from the right side.  The cat scan gives a three dimensional picture of the artery, and whereas the ultra sound test showed rather severe blockage of the right, the cat scan showed relatively minor blockage.  Less than 60 %.  The surgeon's recommendation is to do nothing and in six months have an ultra sound test that she will do, to see if there has been any significant change. I was sorta hoping that I would have surgery, because I understand that it is not that scary, and only involves an overnight stay in the hospital.  The surgeon, however, said that to do an operation wouldn't have any effect on improving my health.  My brain gets all the blood it needs now and getting a little more because of a less restricted flow would not make the brain function better.  So I guess I am happy. 

I do occassionally feel a little faint, but she says that is not because of the carotid arteries.  Probably just the result of being an old has been.

Java Cone

Two new buildings have sprung up right across 52nd st. opposite the road that circles the condo complex where I live.

One is a sparkling new car wash, the other is a java shop, ice cream parlor.

If all goes well, my car is going to stay nice and clean and I am going to start gaining weight on ice cream sundaes. All that depending on the cost of each. They hope to open Memorial Day. Stay tuned, I'll know how steep the prices will be. Why am I sceptical about the prices, well check out the architecture of the buildings. Java Conecar wash.jpg

Ann Wright

I ran across this letter while reading Helena Cobban's blog.  I thought I would include it here.  It is very interesting, the kind of thing you don't normally hear about.


We had an Indian engineer in out department.  He was a very gregarious type of fellow.  When he learned that the guys in our department were going out in the evenings and playing nine holes of golf after work, he asked if he could join us.  We said, "sure we would love to have you with us". Read the rest of this entry »

More Golf

This comparison of golf and bowling seems to be working, so I will continue on in the same vein.  Don't get me wrong.  I like bowling and watch it on TV whenever I have the opportunity. Read the rest of this entry »