Salman Rushdie

Barbara's big day has come and gone.  She shared an hour with a young scholar giving talks on Salman Rushdie.  The young gal (looked to be a high school senior) gave a book report on a novel by Salman Rushdie, and Barbara gave (not so much a book report) as a general evaluation of the book "Satanic Verses" and the repercusions it generated.  afterwords.  I told Barbara she way outshone the other presenter.  Her response was, I guess it is my age that gave my presentation more authenticity.  Whatever, she came across as one who really knew what she was talking about, and included with no questions asked a forthright exposition of the gospel and its response to Rushdie's secularism.  Rushdie didn't attend the presentation, but spoke that evening, and Barbara got an autographed book from Rushdie, and gave him a copy of her speach.

I was proud of my daughter, and wondered where it came from.  Not me for sure.


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  1. B said,

    April 23, 2006 at 12:42 am

    Thanks, Dad. Your approval means a lot to me. But you don’t see a resemblance, eh, between your tenacity (I won’t say stubborn-ness) and mine, your wide-ranging curiosity and mine? Now if you could only give me some of your amazing energy, I’d be all set. In this regard–the tiredness–I think, I’m more like mom.

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