Since being alone, I have gotten into the habit of listening to the band Jim plays with on my free Saturday nights.  My dancing friends who have come to the hall where he plays, say that this band is the best in the area.  I of course agree, but don't hear many others. Just country western bands, and Jim's band is certainly not country western.  It plays mostly rock and roll songs, and the music is very danceable.

 There are three men who all play guitar, and do must of the vocal work.  The lady keyboardist solos on a couple of numbers.  Jim solos on maybe a half a dozen songs.  Songs that are Greek to me.  Have you heard of "La Grange"?  Jim's one big number is his drum solo on "Wipe Out".  Last night for some reason the leader decided to play a polka.  Something they have never done before. (All the members of the band play in another band, the B Tones and then play just about all polkas for Pulaski Days etc.)

Well last Sat they played "Just Because".  The leader who plays base guitar, put down his guitar and soloed on his trumpet.  Jim joined with the other members on the vocal portion of the rendition, then the leader said, "it yours Jim", and he whistled one complete 8 bar section.  It was outstanding.  The odd part of it all is that I have never heard Jim whistle around the house or knew that he could whistle.  He keeps his talents hidden under a bushel I guess.

 Now I am going to suggest that he talks the band into including "Big Noise of Winnetka" in its repertoire.  In case you don't know that is a number that features drumming and whistleing.  I use to see one of the big bands do this number many moons ago and the guy, who whistled also played with his drum sticks on the base violin, while the bassist fingered the tune.



  1. Barbara said,

    April 18, 2006 at 12:54 pm

    Sounds like a nice way to spend Saturday evenings.

  2. Bruce Settergren said,

    April 19, 2006 at 4:05 pm

    Put me in coach. I can whistle.

    What was the crowd reaction? Wild cheering or tepid applause? I know that when I played solos in Kalamazoo, the crowd shouted to “get that trombone out of here”.

  3. setty said,

    April 19, 2006 at 4:57 pm

    The applause was just so, so. The patrons are such regulars that the band members are more friends than performers to be applauded. JIm seems to be one of the members that takes a lot of kidding by the leader. When he plays Wipe Out the leader takes off Jim’s baSeball cap and wipes the sweat off of his bald pate, and waves his handkerchief at him to cool him off. Also, they have added a novelty to the song. At one point he slows down to practically a stand still, aNd the leader says, “Jim is running out of gas, if up here on the stand, you would know he hasn’t”.

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