tech support

This probably isn't a problem for my computer literate readership, but for dummies like me, I have problems.

My virus protection program subscription expired and I couldn't renew because the program was replaced with a newer version, so I had to purchase and install it.  I did, and after completing the installation, I couldn't access the internet.  A call to my internet provider and much fooling around the tech support person said it was the antivirus program causing the problem.  So a call to the Norton and another half hour wait to get a person and then more time fooling around with me trying to follow his instructions.  Finally the verdict was "it is not the probem of Norton, it must be the service provider."  Back to Yahoo DSL, and more waiting and fooling around, this time even more extensive.  The final verdict was that it was for sure the Norton program.  The advise was to uninstall it and I would for sure be back on the internet.  So I did, and from this post, you can tell I am back on the internet.  Once more back to Norton.  I told the tech person that Yahoo DSL was correct, I uninstalled antivirus and got back on the internet. "What should I do to reinstall anti virus without the problem occurring again?" His advise was just follow all the screens and click Next when I was instructed to do so, and lo and behold it seems to be working.

 Now the reason for all this.  The time it took me for the fix could have been cut in half if I didn't have to have the tech person repeat after every question or instruction.  At both Yahoo and Norton the techie spoke Indian/English.  I suspect I was talking to someone in Bombay.  These people are not dumb, probably as good as someone I could understand.  My guess is they are paid half of what would be required if a person I could understand was on the pay roll.  Yahoo had a questionaire after my experience with their support service, and I really let them have it when it came to filling out the general impression part of the questionaire.

Is my experience unique? 



  1. ruberad said,

    March 30, 2006 at 8:42 pm

    So you’re saying that by hiring half as many (because they don’t have to say everything twice) Americans at twice the salary, it would be a wash? I’m afraid it would probably be much more than twice the salary; I have a friend that works for HP and does a lot of outsourcing to India, and he told me they are paying programmers (not phone operators) something like $7000/yr.

    At that rate, I’m thinking about hiring 2 Indians to do my work for me, and retiring early (now). Except that I would get thrown in jail for sharing with Indians all the state secrets I know (like the location of Bin Laden, and the fact that Bush knew about the 9/11 plan in adv—Ooacmdf;lf ka;llsf

  2. Bruce said,

    April 2, 2006 at 3:48 am

    Anti-virus programs are of the devil. I, therefore, eschew them at every turn.

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