Trudy Rubin

By the way if you visit the Trudy Rubin site you will see a picture of a journalist that has a striking resemblense to Barbara.


Because of Barabara’s suggestion I have added a blogroll to this site.  I think she wanted some advertising space. Most of the blogs are innocuous.  They are family related. The other ones may not be quite so innocuous. read them with caution, they may alter some of your cherished ideas about the world and its goings on.  If you don’t wnat to be challenged to reconsider certain things just avoid. And please don’t make  any judgements about the person who posted the blogs.


First off, I know it is crazy, so no point in reminding me.  Barbara and Chuck gave me a book of Sudoku puzzles. I began working them and found that though the ones I was working on were rated “Light and easy”, they were still a nuisance.  I had a system of solving them which worked when I could keep the bookkeeping straight.  The problem was, all my scratches and crossings out, usually led me into false answers.  So, I decided to write a program to help me with the bookkeeping.  The program evolved into a program to solve the puzzle.  I know, what fun is doing puzzles if they are done by a computer progra,m.  My answer is that writing the program is as much fun and more challenging than doing the puzzles.

Now the kicker.  The program worked like a charm as long as the puzzles were in the “Light and easy” category. Once the puzzle became a “Moderate” or above the program broke down.  So even though I have this program, I still can do Sudoku on the harder ones.  Right now I am working on a system to combine mental solutions along with my Light and easy program.  The idea is to find solutions through inspection.  Add them to the grid until I have a grid that permits my program to complete the solution.  I will keep you posted on the results.

Don’t suggest I redo the program to handle the harder puzzles.  I have better things to do. 




Still learning.  Maybe later tonight I will continue the post on Soduku.


I know this is crazy, so there is no need to remind me.  It is my bedtime so I will make this first post on my new bolg site, and then continue tomorrow.  Good nite.