I have had trouble with wordpress, which I learned also happened to my son and grandson. Grandson also gave me instructions how to avoid the same thing happening again, but since I am not a computer nerd like he is, I am saying bye bye.

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I get a number of catalogs. Probably because I do occasionally buy from them, and the merchandisers share their mailing list with others. When they arrive in the mail I scan them briefly and then file them in the circular file. The other day I was going through one and stopped on a page showing atomic watches. I had heard of atomic clocks, but watches were new to me. One particular watch interested me to the point that I finally sprung for it. It was a talking atomic watch. Pressing various buttons would give the time, the day and month, and could be set as an alarm clock. Having a convenient alarm clock on my wrist would allow me to take naps that don’t go on longer than they should. It also automatically adjusted itself for changes in daylight saving times. And with a little help from the owner (choosing the time zone), would automatically set for different time zones. A few days ago the clock finally arrived with a mini textbook on atomic watches. It became evident that using an atomic watch required a rocket scientist. What was really a surprise was the size of the watch. The illustration in the catalog was of the dial straight on. It was just what I like. Big Arabic numerals and an analog display. Of course I realized that the watch was really of the digital variety, but with mechanisms to make it appear as an analog watch. The catalog didn’t show what I consider a side view of the watch. When I held the watch in my hand and noticed the thickness of it I figured I had been had. I would never have purchased it if I knew how thick it is. When I walk now I tend to lean to the left. Here is something like the illustration in the catalog: atomic-002.jpg Here is what wasn’t shown:  


I should have known that a watch with speaker, amplifier, radio, and the regular workings of a digital watch, and whatever else is needed to make it an atomic watch doesn’t come 1/8 inch high like some fancy watches that are illustrated in the catalogs. 

So now to the atomic saga. I knew before hand that atomic clocks get their time signal from a government bureau of standards in Boulder Colorado, and from the blurbs about them that they are constantly getting a radio signal updating the time to the closest second. Theoretically that may be true (and maybe not!), if you live near Fort Collins Colorado where the radio signal originates. I say “maybe not”, because reading between the lines in the mini text, it may be that the signal is only broadcast at one hour intervals. Anyway, for a watch you can’t get continuous updates regardless, because to receive the signal the watch can not be moving. Further, the signal is strongest at night so that is when the effort should be made to try and update it. Updating instruction consist of placing the watch face down on a nonmetallic surface, preferably a wooden window sill, and certainly not near any electronic gear. The 12 numeral should be pointed toward Fort Collins Colorado and be left over night. Next morning, by pressing one of the buttons on the side of the watch, a message tells you if the update worked. If not the instructions say to try another location. I don’t think that is constantly being updated. In between the times you choose to up date the watch, you basically have a thick digital watch. 

Battery replacement is something else. The text states that the owner should not attempt to replace the battery himself. It may be replaced by a qualified jeweler, and if so take along the text for the jeweler to use to reset the time. That is about three pages in the text. Or you can send the watch with a check for $15.00 to the manufacturer. But here is the real Kicker! In the battery replacement chapter is a chart giving approximate replacement frequencies. If one never uses any of the talking functions the battery last about two years. Five requests per day, one year, ………. twenty five requests per day, four months.  My suggestion, if the idea of an atomic watch interests you, is to go to get the exact time to the second and set your regular watch. That is how the text tells you to check if your update worked, if you don’t want to use the talking function.  

Anyone want an atomic watch cheap?


I am not a New York Yankees lover and consequently, by association, had little love for Joe Torre. I really had no other basis for feeling as I did. Today, one day after he turned down the Yankees’ offer for next year’s contract, he spent over an hour at a press conference with New York media. My opinion of him has completely changed. His handling of the media in this interview showed him to be a first class person, and a man of integrity and also at times, humor.

If the interview is ever seen again on TV, I strongly recommend you make an effort to see it, or else be sure to read reports on his interview.


I sometimes have supper or lunch at an eating Place called Paneras Bread. It may be a national chain. Maybe my readers have heard of it. I always go for the Take Two menu. It consists of choosing two items from a choice of three – soup, half sandwich, or half salad. My choice is always the French Onion Soup and either a half sandwich, or half salad. Today I decided to have supper there. I seldom look at the choices on the big board behind the ordering stations since I know what I want., Today I did. Read the rest of this entry »


I told this story to Jennifer and Jim and they thought it warranted a post in my blog. It has the same flavor as some of my other posts. Thus the title ” More of the Same”. Read the rest of this entry »


lastpix21.jpgThis is my picture taken just recently. Last Saturday I was doing my shopping at Meijer’s.  After my purchases were scanned and put into bags and on my  cart, the checkout guy asked if I needed help getting to my car. Well! my gosh how did I get into the store and walk the whole place to do my shopping? So I can’t walk the cart now just a bit heavier back out to my car? What gives, do I look that feeble?

 So Sunday I take Karen out for lunch and order a fish entre with a salad. When the salad arrives and I start to cut up the lettuce into biteable size, Karen asks if I want her to cut it up for me. This is depressing. Do you think a face uplift might help?




A week ago today I had the procedure which exposed the titanium implants. It was a simple process and didn’t involve much cutting of tissue. After the implants were exposed the doctor screwed in some round gadgets which I assumed the denture was going to be attached to. Not to be, these gadgets are called healing abutments. Their purpose is to prevent the gum from recovering the implants as the gum heals. Read the rest of this entry »


This may be of no interest to my readers, but seeing it’s been a while since my last post, here goes. Read the rest of this entry »

CRS (can’t remember stuff)

Yesterday as I was deciding what to do for the devotions at Raybrook Nursing Home, I thought I might try getting the residents to join me in the prayer after reading a devotion from Max Lucado’s booklet “Grace for the Moment”. I had tried this once before and found it not very successful. The residents seemed to not be aware of what I was expecting. Read the rest of this entry »


If anyone knows of a widowed CPA who likes to dance, has plenty of money, and is about 70, please put me in touch with her. Read the rest of this entry »

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